Grand Theft Auto V and the Challenges of Too Much Freedom

You’ve probably heard of Grand Theft Auto V. It’s a video game which, depending on who you believe, is either a harbinger of the apocalypse or great fun. Titles in the Grand Theft Auto (or GTA) series are analysed, criticised and lauded more than any other games in history. I’m absolutely certain that the creators, Rockstar, love it this way. I’m writing about it! You didn’t see me wading in with a blog when I bought Little Big Planet Karting, did you? Continue reading

Reality Bites

I’ve been pondering the nature of reality recently, as is one’s wont. Not perhaps to the depths of Descartes or Wittgenstein, but pondering none the less. In fact it’s truer to say I’ve been musing on the linguistic concept of reality or “real”. “Real” is a synonym for “true” in common parlance. So when we are told we can read about “the real Katie Price”, we are being sold, notionally at least, the objective truth about erstwhile model Jordan. But consider how this expression is given an entirely contrary meaning in two parallel phrases. Continue reading